Petards: Petards


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Petards: Petards
Artist: Petards
Title: Petards

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Second volume in our series with 1:1 vinyl re-releases of the four original Petards albums.At that time the Petards were one of the most popular and successful German rock bands.The Petards second album from 1968.New edition - newly mastered come s with the original cover and additional inserts a short biography of the band in German and English and a reproduction of the original poster

1.1 Golden Glass
1.2 Shoot Me Up to the Moon
1.3 Summerwind
1.4 Roses for Kathy
1.5 Misty Island
1.6 Pretty Liza
1.7 The Fountain
1.8 Some Sunny Sunday Morning
1.9 On the Road with My Bag
1.10 Blue Fire Light
1.11 Pictures
1.12 The Dream
1.13 Keep on
1.14 My World
1.15 Dont You Feel Like Me
1.16 Good Good Donna
1.17 Rainy Day
1.18 On the Road Drinking Wine
1.19 Baby Man
1.20 Hello My Friend

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