Anna Oberg: Vafan Har Jag Gjort


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Anna Oberg: Vafan Har Jag Gjort
Artist: Oberg Anna
Title: Vafan Har Jag Gjort

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Swedish electronic music with hints of new wave industrial and synth pop. The second solo album by musician composer and artist Anna berg contains eight tracks produced by Charles Storm and Anna berg.This follow-up like its predecessor features a heavy use of analog synthesizers and drum machines from 1972 - 1986 used in tandem with glockenspiel recorders and voices. The music this time around is a bit harder and a bit sweeter.Anna sings predominantly in Swedish.Swedish poet Bob Hanson and vocalists John Lindqwister Machinista and Cat rapes dog features on one track each. Russ Rydn Strasse also sings on a few songs.

1.1 Jag Blir Inte Kysst
1.2 Vafan Har Jag Gjort
1.3 Dags Att Grta
1.4 Jag SG Dig P en Lrdag
1.5 BRK
1.6 Ich Bin
1.7 Fortfarande 16
1.8 Omjligt

H 0.16
W 12.33
L 12.37

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