Musel: Rebuna


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Musel: Rebuna
Artist: Musel
Title: Rebuna

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The prestigious Californian musician Dorian Wood says that MUSEL scar Vilarios new project ex-Tringulo de Amor Bizarro - one of the most popular indie Spanish bands and part of A Veces Cicln also on Acuarela is a lovely shoegaze wet dream. And with good reason since in the four songs that compose Rabua their debut released by Acuarela in a 10 wrapped recalling the classic floral covers of the record label Factory they reveal high quality noise-pop that looks at the genres classics to reinvent them and bring them to their homeland in a withering almost boreal way. The idea to create Musel came up in the beginning of 2011 when scar Vilario felt the urge to write simple pop songs influenced by musical coordinates close to the ones of The Velvet Underground Galaxie 500 Yo La Tengo or Codeine. It was in 2013 and after his participation in the compilation released by the association Desconcierto Cultural on the occasion of the celebration of Record Store Day Galicia when Acuarela offered them to work together. Musel are a long-haul band to listen to slowly without haste. And it is here where the fact that their debut is such a peculiar and grateful format as this 10 limited edition of immediate impact really makes sense. In each one of the 320 copies of Rabua one can enjoy that tense guitar feedback which explodes in grayish clouds always transporting the listener to a dimension which is not his own with hypnotic chords and beautiful melodies. Shoegaze in the Galician style and -important fact- in Galician northern and febrile Slowcore with raindrops gushing down the forehead suffocating. Musel are capable of reproducing those magical atmospheres in their songs: being able to name as it happens in their mother tongue the thousands of different names of ways there is to rain.

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