Mudhoney: Pedazo De Pastel


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Mudhoney: Pedazo De Pastel
Artist: Mudhoney
Title: Pedazo De Pastel

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In 1992 Mudhoney left Sub-Pop and signed with Warner Brothers subsidiary Reprise Records. Having already worked on a batch of songs we set out to demo what we had. My buddy from high school Rolf Bertieg and his friend Jim Collier had set up a studio in the basement of Jims house in the Wedgwood neighborhood of Seattle where armed with a few tunes and several cases of beer we made these recordings. The songs on this record would eventually be re-recorded and released on our album Piece Of Cake except Knock It On The Head which has remained unreleased until now. Maybe theres a reason for that but Ill leave it up to the listener to make that judgment. The energy and the vibe of these recordings reflect how we wish the final Piece Of Cake would have sounded. Hope you enjoy this archaeological dig through our past. -Dan Peters Mudhoney

H 0.14
W 3.55
L 12.32

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