Love Supreme: Love Supreme


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Love Supreme: Love Supreme
Artist: Love Supreme
Title: Love Supreme

1. Product Details

Love Supremes music makes a lot of noise while just whispering. It dances but it doesnt stand straight it dances in a messy fashion like in the best works of poets such as Tom Waits Leonard Cohen Serge Gainsbourg Charles Bukowski or Richard Brautigan. It does so with a rare and distinctive style mixing the most elegant allure with the worst of hangovers.

1.1 Crack
1.2 Lonely Feelings
1.3 Knowledge Dont Know
1.4 Aint No Remedy
1.5 Beauty
1.6 HSRS
1.7 From These Restless Hours
1.8 Sun

H 0.20
W 12.36
L 12.41

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