Lederman / De Meyer: Eleven Grinding Songs


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Lederman / De Meyer: Eleven Grinding Songs
Artist: Lederman / De Meyer
Title: Eleven Grinding Songs

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LEDERMAN - DE MEYER is the amazing and unexpected artistic fusion of two prominent figures from the cult Belgian electronic music scene: Jean-Marc Lederman and Jean-Luc de Meyer.

1.1 Atoms in Fury
1.2 Back to Nature
1.3 Flowers and Birds and Bees
1.4 I Wish We Could I Hope We Will
1.5 Heartbeat
1.6 Not Really There
1.7 A Tribe of My Own
1.8 Run Ahriman Run
1.9 Dots Circles and Lines
1.10 Tout Me Fait Rire
1.11 The Revenant

H 0.36
W 11.63
L 12.49

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