Knights of the New Crusade: Knight Vision


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Knights of the New Crusade: Knight Vision
Artist: Knights of the New Crusade
Title: Knight Vision

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Vinyl LP pressing. The Christian Rock scene is replete with slick careerist bands whose lyrics gingerly tread on the ecumenical outskirts of religious allusions in an attempt to alienate as few mainstream rock consumers as possible. Its no wonder that the Knights of the New Crusade with their resolute unconcern for compromise Matthew 16:26 became a flashpoint for contention in both the Christian and secular rock music worlds.

1.1 He Stands and Knocks at the Door
1.2 The Lord Dwelleth Not in Temples
1.3 The Shepherds Warning
1.4 Dark Knight of the Soul
1.5 Love - Fear
1.6 Common Wisdom
1.7 Tune in Turn on Drop Dead
1.8 Fire of Love
1.9 Revelation on High
1.10 Harrowing of Hell and Waiting for the Kingdom of Heaven
1.11 The Strange Exorcist
1.12 Baal
1.13 Abode of Wisdom

H 0.04
W 12.28
L 12.30

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