Wells Junior: Youre Tuff Enough


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Wells Junior: Youre Tuff Enough
Artist: Junior Wells
Title: Youre Tuff Enough

1. Product Details

Vinyl reissue of the 1968 album by blues legend Junior Wells that collects his recordings from the Blue Rock label that found Wells experimenting with a funky James Brown-inspired sound - includes the title track which was a Top 40 hit on the R&B singles chart

1.1 Youre Tuff Enough
1.2 Its All Soul
1.3 Gonna Cramp Your Style
1.4 Where Did I Go Wrong
1.5 Thatll Hold Me
1.6 Sweet Darling Think It Over
1.7 Up in Heah
1.8 Youre the One
1.9 You Out to Quit That
1.10 Messing with the Kid
1.11 The Hippies Are Trying
1.12 Juniors Groove

H 0.15
W 12.12
L 12.22

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