Foster Josephine: No More Lamps in the Morning


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Foster Josephine: No More Lamps in the Morning
Artist: Josephine Foster
Title: No More Lamps in the Morning

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Vinyl LP pressing. 2016 release from acclaimed songwriter Josephine Foster. No More Lamps In the Morning is a new folk route a stripped down starsailor vector connecting heller to highwater. Foster on nylon string guitar and husband Victor Herrero accompanying on Portuguese guitar together weave intimate readings of songs spanning Fosters songwriting career including selections from recent albums This Coming Gladness 2008 and Im a Dreamer 2013 and back to Born Heller 2004. Fosters new route is a free chromatic music a tuneful Montana of mind-an expansive harmonic space dominated by Rif mountain on the horizon. As highwater as the music is as broad the stylistic palette of the musicians the music really exists in service of the lyrics. Two of the songs on No More Lamps are poems by Rudyard Kipling and James Joyce given musical settings by Foster. The rest arguably are musical settings of her own poems strengthened in a fiery crucible of guitars and on 2 tracks Gya Valtsdttirs cello in which dissonant notes bend and quaver as wirefork embers dying without affecting the glowing tonal fire which unites contrary forces in a Moroccan speakeasy. Recorded live to tape by Henry Hirsch and Patrick Higgins at Future-Past Studios Hudson NY in February 2014 the record was mixed by Patrick Higgins.

1.1 Blue Roses
1.2 A Thimbleful of Milk
1.3 My Dove My Beautiful One
1.4 The Garden of Earthly Delights
1.5 No More Lamps in the Morning
1.6 Second Sight
1.7 Magenta

H 0.11
W 12.23
L 12.37

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