Bailey J.R.: Just Me n You


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Bailey J.R.: Just Me n You
Artist: J.R. Bailey
Title: Just Me n You

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A dramatic string-drenched epic James Ralph Baileys Just Me N You has been a sought-after soul masterpiece for decades. A lush suite of beautiful songs it was conceived as a concept album a sophisticated paean to love. Originally released by MAM Records in 1974 Just Me N You is a breathtaking jazzy soul album. Its similar in style to Marvin Gayes Whats Going On - particularly the performances orchestrations and chord progressions - but dealing with a different universal subject matter. If Whats Going On was about romance instead of politics it would sound like this. Fans of Marvin Leon Ware Donny Hathaway Leroy Hutson and Willie Hutch will love this record. Not as well known - this is definitely an underrated gem - the work of James Ralph Bailey is no less mind-blowing. Its got to be one of the best soul albums of all time. The original productions were made on a basic home tape machine and enhanced with strings rhythmic overdubs and a variety of other instrumentation. These are beautiful arrangements of strings and jazzy horns. Rhythm guitars and bouncy bass serve as the groove foundation congas provide a Latin feel whilst the vibraphone and harmonica add colour. And then of course theres JRs voice. His style recalls Hathaway with a delivery akin to Marvin at the time. As he scats and sings accompanying himself in sweet harmonies there is still a rawness of pain and longing in his voice the rawness familiar to all deep soul. As an album Just Me N You is no mere collection of songs. The tender smooth tunes flow perfectly together into a fluid single artistic statement. This is one where its hard to pick out any standouts. You may have heard the soaring title track before maybe on Gilles Petersons Digs America compilation. The opening track After Hours sounds as fresh now as it ever was and segues beautifully into the majestic Heaven On Earth. Recorded by Hathaway the previous year Baileys original of Love Love Love is incredible and arguably the definitive version. The powerful dreamy sax-and-harmony-laced All Strung Out Over You has echoes of the Chi-Lites its that good. Goosebumps. And we could go on. Mastered by Simon Francis cut by Pete Norman and pressed at Record Industry this Be With edition of Just Me N You sounds every bit as brilliant as it should. A joyous celebration of love this album is perfect in every way. If you dont already own a copy then now is the time.

1.1 After Hours
1.2 Heaven on Earth
1.3 Just Me N You
1.4 She Called Me
1.5 Cute As a Button
1.6 Love Love Love
1.7 Ill Always Be Your Lover
1.8 All Strung Out Over You
1.9 Not Too Long Ago
1.10 Everything I Want I See in You

H 0.19
W 12.17
L 12.24

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