Ide: Force Fed


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Ide: Force Fed
Artist: Ide
Title: Force Fed

1. Product Details

Limited colored vinyl LP pressing. The debut album from Ide the Shanty One Force Fed is a verbal maelstrom whipping through the placid seas of 21st century underground hip-hop with thunderous beats and lightning-strike lyrics. Ide displays his furious command of the mic over 23 dark and storming beats his imaginative and visceral word-warping and unrelenting flow striking listeners with gut-punch directness. Following Jak Progressos Random Violence as the 2nd full-length release from Creative Juices Music Force Fed heralds the charge of this new artist onto the NY underground scene: Ide the Shanty One. Already earning respect for expert production and engineering for various underground artists now Ide brings forth this manifesto of disgust and impatience with a twisted culture and reminds listeners why hip-hop is NOT dead. Throughout his first LP he avoids lecturing about society directly but instead proclaims this gritty mission statement championing subversive artistry and psychic exploration. This Creative Juices Music release gathers a total of 10 producers including Domingo Deep and Ben Boogz 2 Hungry Bros/Creative Juices DJ Connect Elite Fleet and others as well as Ide himself yet projects a unified sonic stampede of steel-toed hip-hop. Joining The Shanty One on the mic are U. G. Cella Dwellas Savage Messiah formerly of Scienz of Life Critical Madness Alucard Jak Progresso and L. I. F. E. Long Stronghold all contributing cinematic similes in an unrelenting flood. Ides Force Fed is compelling in its ferocity and fitting that he is initiating his chapter in music in the company of these well-known figures on the underground scene. Force Fed is for hungry listeners whove had enough of the formula and dont mind a little pain if their rap would only get its edge back.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Never Ft. Alucard
1.3 Bounty Hunter Ft. DJ Mista Sinista
1.4 Field of Orbs
1.5 Hidden Network Ft. DJ Mista Sinista
1.6 Coat of Arms
1.7 Haight Ashbury Ft. Savage Messiah
1.8 Condemned
1.9 Ravenous Ft. Alucard Jak Progresso
1.10 Psilasylum Ft. Alucard
1.11 Serpentine Movements
1.12 What Happens Ft. Ug Critical Madness Life Long
1.13 Trade Kinship
1.14 Sun Pyramids Ft. Alucard
1.15 Superior Knowledge Ft. Savage Messiah Jak Progresso

H 0.17
W 12.33
L 12.67

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