Hancock Herbie: Mwandishi


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Hancock Herbie: Mwandishi
Artist: Herbie Hancock
Title: Mwandishi

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After releasing their Warner Bros. Debut the Herbie Hancock Sextet underwent a major transformation in the early 70s. Over the course of a year every member was replaced except Herbie Hancock himself and bassist Buster Williams and each adopted Swahili names. Williams even led the group in occasional sessions of Buddhist chanting. Hancock chose the moniker Mwandishi meaning composer and the Sextet became unofficially known as the Mwandishi Band.The lineups first album-simply titled Mwandishi-reflects Hancocks new aesthetic and spiritual directions. Stretching out from the R&B / jazz fusion of Fat Albert Rotunda the pianist would draw inspiration from his time with Miles Davis whose classic Bitches Brew came out in 1970 as well as through the creative relationship he had formed with producer David Rubinson known for his work with Moby Grape and Santana.Ostinato Suite for Angela dedicated to political activist Angela Davis is an extended jam with stunning rhythmic complexity-enhanced by studio effects such as Echoplex delay. On the ballad Youll Know When You Get There Hancocks tight arrangements are saturated in reverb which gives an ever-shifting dimensionality. Side-long closer Wandering Spirit Song written by trombonist Julian Priester aka Pepo Mtoto goes even further out: alternating between dynamic soloing and group improvisation the Sextet fully manifests the radical potential of their collective identity / energy.Mwandishi remains a bold and expansive statement even after nearly 50 years.

1.1 Ostinato Suite for Angela
1.2 Youll Know When You Get There
1.3 Wandering Spirit Song

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