Harvey Milk: Pleaser


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Harvey Milk: Pleaser
Artist: Harvey Milk
Title: Pleaser

1. Product Details

1.1 Down
1.2 Get It Up Get It on
1.3 Shame
1.4 Red As the Day Is Long
1.5 Misery
1.6 U.S. Force
1.7 What I Want
1.8 Lay My Head Down
1.9 Rock Roll Party Tonite
1.10 Anthem
2.1 Get It Up Get It on Live Live
2.2 Down Live Live
2.3 Shame Live Live
2.4 Misery Live Live
2.5 U.S. Force Live Live
2.6 Red As the Day Is Long Live Live
2.7 Lay My Head Down Live Live
2.8 What I Want Live Live
2.9 Rock Roll Party Tonite Live Live
2.10 Deuce Live Live

H 0.40
W 12.21
L 12.23

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