Gate: A Republic Of Sadness


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Gate: A Republic Of Sadness
Artist: Gate
Title: A Republic Of Sadness

1. Product Details

2010 release the first new Gate record in over a decade. A Republic of Sadness is as much a reason for celebration as indoctrination into the creative genius of Michael Morley. Known primarily for his work in the Dead C Morley simultaneously has been doing Gate since hes started playing. A Republic of Sadness comprises the apex of Morleys various interests in one collection. His guitar and vocal drones permeate through looped beats and sounds arriving at a sound that is not quite dance not quite noise not quite electronica and never ever ambient.

1.1 Forever
1.2 All
1.3 Desert
1.4 Wilderness
1.5 Freak
1.6 Trees

H 0.03
W 12.04
L 12.29

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