Wilson Gary: The King Of Endicott


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Wilson Gary: The King Of Endicott
Artist: Gary Wilson
Title: The King Of Endicott

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Ultra limited edition only 100 made of the 2019 album from Gary WilsonEndicott also the birthplace of otherworldly geniuses including Twilight Zone creator Rod Serling and the IBM corporation features heavily in this albums lyrics as Gary leads the listener on a funky psychedelic trip through his past

1.1 The King of Endicott Intro
1.2 The Town of a Thousand Lights
1.3 The Lonely Park
1.4 Walking in the Rain Tonight
1.5 I Think Im Falling in Love
1.6 The King of Endicott
1.7 I Dont Want to Be Alone
1.8 Lugene Lived in Johnson City
1.9 I Dream of My Secret Girl
1.10 Midnight in Endicott
1.11 A Perfect Day in Endicott
1.12 May Walked Away
1.13 Another Dimension
1.14 Its Summer Time
1.15 Hail to the King

H 0.12
W 10.41
L 12.09

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