Fixtures: Devils Playground


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Fixtures: Devils Playground
Artist: Fixtures
Title: Devils Playground

1. Product Details

1.1 Man of a Few Too Many Words
1.2 Pray Unto My Porcelain Goed
1.3 Devils Playground
1.4 Black Marker and Cardboard
1.5 Oklahoma City Alarm Clock
1.6 Quitter
1.7 Vecino Fed Ugly Neighbor
1.8 Beware the Box
1.9 Great Train Robbery
1.10 Tuesdays Wrath
1.11 Custer Columbus Come to Town
1.12 Mystery Date
1.13 Dehydramolarizer
1.14 War for Your Soul
1.15 One Last Quiet Song

H 0.10
W 12.28
L 12.28

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