Enduser: Even Weight


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Enduser: Even Weight
Artist: Enduser
Title: Even Weight

1. Product Details

After years of waiting and expectations Enduser finally comes back with a new album. This towering artist of the drumnbass and breakcore scene comes up here with an extremely important and soulful album in which his hard breaks and beats share the stage with much gentler melodies and atmospheres. A highly emotional album whose palette ranges from melancholy to rage it is a new awe-inspiring album by a musician which proves again that his talent is multidimensional humane and essential.

1.1 A Little While
1.2 Distance
1.3 Retribution
1.4 Decision Late
1.5 7 A.M. Fog
1.6 Praise
2.1 Climbing Backwards
2.2 Wrong Turn
2.3 A Trip Down
2.4 Void Re-Edit Edit
2.5 Reciprocal
2.6 Regret Enduser Version Version
2.7 Stop Asking
2.8 Ode to V Enduser Version Version
3.1 A Little While
3.2 Distance
3.3 Retribution
3.4 Decision Late
3.5 7 A.M. Fog
3.6 Praise
3.7 Reciprocal
3.8 Climbing Backwards
3.9 Wrong Turn
3.10 Regret Enduser Version Version
3.11 A Trip Down
3.12 Void Re-Edit Edit
3.13 Stop Asking
3.14 Ode to V Enduser Version Version

H 0.33
W 12.35
L 12.42

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