Die Krupps: Stahlwerksynfonie


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Die Krupps: Stahlwerksynfonie
Artist: Die Krupps
Title: Stahlwerksynfonie

1. Product Details

Originally released in 1981 as a 12 Stahlwerksynfonie is an industrial masterpiece that marked the beginning of an era. It was recorded in 1981 but several live and alternate recordings never saw the light of day until 30 years later when they were released as part of a Die Krupps CD reissue series. To this day Stahlwerksynfonie and the early live material has never received a vinyl reissue.

1.1 Stahlwerksynfonie a 13:47
1.2 Wahre Arbeit Wahrer Lohn 2:14
1.3 Stahlbad 4:30
1.4 Stahlwerksynfonie B 14:40
1.5 Schmerz Aus Eisen 3:11
1.6 Diese Nacht 3:49
1.7 Stahlwerksymphonie / Ur-Werk 23:51
1.8 Stahlwerksynfonie 14:09
1.9 Alles Verbrennt 2:45

H 0.34
W 12.25
L 12.33

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