D.I.: Richard Hung Himself


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D.I.: Richard Hung Himself
Artist: D.I.
Title: Richard Hung Himself

1. Product Details

Vinyl LP pressing. A career retrospective from the kings of the OC punk underground D.I. featuring Richard Hung Himself and Johnnys Got A Problem plus several excellent cover tunes

1.1 What Is Life
1.2 Paranoids Demise
1.3 Lexicon Devil Originally Recorded By Germs
1.4 Buttons
1.5 Stick to Your Guns
1.6 Anthony the Psycho
1.7 Richard Hung Himself
1.8 Black Surf
1.9 Johnnys Got a Problem
1.10 No Way Live
1.11 Guns Live
1.12 Pervert Nurse Live
1.13 Please Play This Song on the Radio Originally Recorded By Nofx
1.14 Say It Aint So Originally Recorded By Weezer
1.15 Shake a Leg Originally Recorded By AC/DC

H 0.22
W 12.28
L 12.30

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