Cuzo: Alquimia Para Principiantes


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Cuzo: Alquimia Para Principiantes
Artist: Cuzo
Title: Alquimia Para Principiantes

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The return of this Barcelonan power trio Cuzo is like travelling back in time a seventies orgy where the band infects US with their passion for different musical references a lot more diverse than you would believe at first sight. A superficial description of their music would reduce it to psychedelic hard rock but that wouldnt be enough cos all the members of Cuzo have eaten mushrooms found in the most unsuspected orchards. The bands leader Jaume Pantalen and his musical wisdom is legendary and in this project the ex-member of 12Twelve also a current member of Atleta lets most of his musical obsessions fly free. The result a kaleidoscopic and psychedelic album that surprise US with landscapes that flirt openly with scores and soundtracks - something that already happened with 12Twelve. Music from films like Suspira by Daro Argento The Beyond by Lucio Fulcir or Phantasma by Don Coscarelli - always with the Italian band Goblin high up on the pedestal- Has a strong high within Cuzos music. Another cornerstone to understand the bands sound would be German krautrock bands like Can or Faust already present in previous albums not in vain the band collaborated with Damo Suzuki - vocalist of Can in such emblematic albums as Tago Mago or Future days- in the joint album Puedo ver tu mente Alone Records/Kromatik Musik 2009 - and this event has a strong presence in Alquimia Para Principiantes Bcore 2012.

1.1 El Exorcista Turco
1.2 Alquimia Para Principiantes
1.3 Erotissimo
1.4 Mundo Subatmico
1.5 Mi Otro Yo
1.6 Juegos Reunidos
1.7 Bomba de Relojera
1.8 Mil Homes

H 0.13
W 12.24
L 12.32

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