Chrome Waves: A Grief Observed


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Chrome Waves: A Grief Observed
Artist: Chrome Waves
Title: A Grief Observed

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For those who are looking for a post-metal album that thrives in a stagnant genre post metal is known to be I bring forth A Grief Observed. I could write an entire essay on the thematic concepts this album covers in tandem with the musicality found painting a sonic landscape of a destitute and barren field that grief embodies. However a picture is worth a thousand words and Chrome Waves does an excellent job showing us why. Formed in 2010 by famed American black metal musician Jeff Wilson formerly of Abigail Williams Wolvhammer and Nachtmystium and drummer Bob Fouts formerly of The Gates of Slumber and Apostle of Solitude the group released a self-titled post-black metal EP in 2012 before going totally silent. It was unfortunate as the EP was quite good eschewing the styles typical melodrama in favor of grounded riffs that recalled a more understated version of An Autumn for Crippled Children. Seven years later the band has recruited vocalist James Benson Amiensus for their long-awaited full-length debut A Grief Observe

1.1 Burdened
1.2 Past the Lights
1.3 A Grief Observed
1.4 Predatory Animals
1.5 Take Another Sip
1.6 Open Casket

H 0.36
W 11.63
L 12.49

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