Carlton Melton: Always Even


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Carlton Melton: Always Even
Artist: Carlton Melton
Title: Always Even

1. Product Details

Vinyl LP pressing. 2013 release the fourth album from the Psychedelic noise-makers. Always Even was recorded in a geodesic dome in the winter of 2012-13. Strap in fly on - but do not be fooled by the gentle ease of opening track Slow Wake. Its the calm before the Psych-storm a balm for ones ears to prepare body and mind for the synth-riff-laden psych-guitar-knockout blasting to come. Keeping On launches into a unmapped zones only to return to earth with the eased-back dome-drone of Spider Web. the trip continues with the furious Kraut-influenced Sarsen a track that could soundtrack an entire flight to the Moon and back - not to mention fuel the rocket ship with its ampheto-cranked psych chug. Make sure all seat belts are fastened for final descent as The Splurge envelopes all with its molasses-like fog/fug..

1.1 Slow Wake
1.2 Keeping on
1.3 Spiderwebs
1.4 Sarsen
1.5 Splurge

H 0.33
W 12.37
L 12.73

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