Burzum: Det Som Engang Var


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Burzum: Det Som Engang Var
Artist: Burzum
Title: Det Som Engang Var

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BURZUM / DET SOM ENGANG VAR VINYL LP Det som engang var Norwegian for what once was is the second studio album by the Norwegian black metal solo project Burzum. It was recorded in April 1992 and released in August 1993 through Burzums own label Cymophane. Varg Vikernes recorded the first four Burzum albums between January 1992 and March 1993 at the Grieg Hall in Bergen. However the releases were spread out with many months between the recording and the release of each album. The album cover is visually inspired by an Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st edition module called The Temple of Elemental Evil. At the bottom of the artwork is a depiction of the reaper and the tree shown on Burzums first album.

1.1 Den Onde Kysten
1.2 Key to the Gate
1.3 En Ring Til Aa Herske
1.4 Lost Wisdom
2.1 Han Som Reiste
2.2 Naar Himmelen Klarner
2.3 Snu Mikrokosmos Tegn
2.4 Svarte Troner

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