Burzum: Anthology


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Burzum: Anthology
Artist: Burzum
Title: Anthology

1. Product Details

Double 180gm vinyl LP pressing of this 2008 collection from the controversial Norwegian Black Metal band. For some its seemingly impossible to mention the Burzum without having to detail singer/guitarist Varg Vikerness political and social viewpoints and his conviction for murdering a member of Mayhem. Yes you read that correctly He spent 16 years in prison for that crime. This collection isnt for that purpose. The primary focus here will be Burzum the music and not the controversy that surrounds the man. Burzums music features characteristics common in black metal including distorted tremolo-picked guitar riffs harsh vocals and the use of double bass blast beat techniques in the drumming. This release is a must-have for any Death Metal fan.

1.1 Feeble Screams from Forests Unknown 7:29
1.2 Stemmen Fra Trnet 6:09
1.3 Lost Wisdom 4:39
1.4 Svart Troner 2:17
1.5 Def Som en Gang Var 14:22
1.6 Jesus Tod 8:40
1.7 Gebrechichket 7:54
1.8 Balferd Baldrs 6:04
1.9 Ansuzgardaraiw 7:00
1.10 CD-ROM Track

H 0.33
W 12.22
L 12.28

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