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Burnt Books: Burnt Books
Artist: Burnt Books
Title: Burnt Books

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Columbia South Carolinas Burnt Books formed in October of 2011 born from musicians from a vast array of other previous and current local bands. Matt Thompson and Troy Thames came from both the smashist revolutionaries Guyana Punch Line and experimental punkers Thank God. Troy also participated in.fuckingcom ex- Antischism/Initial State. Joey Parker and Chuck Sligh helped provide the heavy riffage and crazy time signatures of Tunguska. Finally Zoe Lollis had previously been doing solo shows with just her banjo and voice. Burnt Books self-titled full-length was recorded with Phillip Cope Kylesa Baroness Dark Castle at the Jam Room. On their first album Burnt Books plays noisy hardcore/punk with Lollis growls wails and mocking tones running rampant. Additional elements of post-punkinspired angular riffs noise rock and even a bit of Southern rock with interludes of simply Zoes clean vocals and banjo all help expand the bands whole approach.

1.1 A1 Selfish Friend
1.2 A2 Empty Eyes
1.3 A3 Dig a Little Deeper
1.4 A4 Materialist Conspiracy Theorist
1.5 B1 Abandoned
1.6 B2 in a Shallow Grave
1.7 B3 Unforgiven
1.8 B4 Liar

H 0.18
W 12.54
L 12.61

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