Bohm Karl /Berliner Philharmoniker: Brahms: Symphony No. 1 In C Minor Op. 68


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Bohm Karl /Berliner Philharmoniker: Brahms: Symphony No. 1 In C Minor Op. 68
Artist: Bohm Karl /Berliner Philharmoniker
Title: Brahms: Symphony No. 1 In C Minor Op. 68

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Karl Bohm conducts the Berliner Philharmoniker for this recording of Brahms First Symphony. This performance of the Brahms First Symphony is formidable competition for even the best that the current catalogue can offer. Bhms Brahms Symphony No.1 is a performance of wonderfully rich detail the woodwind soli full of character the orchestral colouring beautifully judged: where Karajan presents a blended totality of sound Bhm is intent that we should see both the wood and the trees. Bhms view of the Symphony is urgent and vigorous: though he does not miss the broad strength of the introduction the ensuing allegro has a purposeful athleticism that contrasts most strikingly with the heavy grimness of Karajans reading. The introduction to the finale is also an instructive comparison: Karajan sees it as an eloquent lament Bhm as a transition of unbearable tension - one almost dreads that the great C major theme will not after all arrive. This is a noble performance that no Brahmsian should miss hearing regardless of his current preferences it is excellently recorded. - The Gramophone Magazine

1.1 Satz: Un Poco Sostenuto - Allegro - Meno Allegro
1.2 Satz: Andante Sostenuto
1.3 Satz: Un Poco Allegretto E Graziozo Attacca
1.4 Satz: Adagio - Piu Andante - Allegro Non Troppo Ma Con Brio - Piu Allegro

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