Bash & Pop / Atkins Nicole: Too Late Featuring Nicole Atkins


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Bash & Pop / Atkins Nicole: Too Late Featuring Nicole Atkins
Artist: Bash & Pop / Atkins Nicole
Title: Too Late Featuring Nicole Atkins

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Tommy Stinson: After hearing Goodnight Rhonda Lee a light bulb exploded over my head and I knew I had to get Nicole to sing a song with us that I had written nearly 12 years ago recorded several times and ultimately never captured properly. She added the missing pieces to this and the flip side Saturday with her voice and producer chops Rarely do I get to scrap it out with so many of my peers at once I am stoked on how these tracks turned out I hope you dig them as wellNicole Atkins:Ive been a fan of Tommy and his music for a very long time. He and I became good friends when I met him after a show of mine and hes been a real inspiration to me. The guy lives and breathes music and is always wanting to find new sounds and talk about it. His attitude towards music is one of great wonder and enthusiasm and when he asked me to produce these songs I was so honored. The recording was done in one day in Nashville and Tommy trusted me to arrange him and his band into what I was hearing in my head. The songs have such visual romance when you listen to them. When we recorded Too Late I felt like I was living that heartache and surrender but it was a good time Ha Theyre something Im really proud of and I cant wait to do more with them.

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