Bardo Pond: Bardo Pond


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Bardo Pond: Bardo Pond
Artist: Bardo Pond
Title: Bardo Pond

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Limited silver colored vinyl LP pressing. Eight albums and 15 years in the simply titled Bardo Pond spun the band further into itself. The groove was like a recurring dream a highly potent squall that had been honed tempered polished and caressed. Like that mysterious vision you half remember when youre awoken unceremoniously. By 2010 Bardo Pond were claustrophobic creating a stuttering raga interlocked with a compulsive modal sound something thats fully exemplified by Cracker Wrist which sounds like something thats intentionally always just about to happen/and/or spin back in time. By the time you get there youre already reeling from the 20 minute+ Undone a seemingly endless spiral an earworm that like the whole album stays with you... on and on and on.

H 0.27
W 12.36
L 12.43

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