Victrola Stream Guide

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Knob Commands

Press and Hold (1 second) – Start or stop a Sonos playback session
Press and Hold (1 Second) if unit is off – Power on unit
Press and Hold (5 seconds) – Power off unit (not recommended)
Press and Hold (10 second) – Factory reset (removes Wi-Fi and all other settings)
Rotate Knob – Adjust volume on default Sonos speaker or group

Knob illumination

Solid White – Turntable is actively playing and/or turntable is set as Sonos source
Flashing White – Turntable is booting up
Flashing Orange – Turntable is having trouble connecting to the network or Sonos system – visit the troubleshooting page for troubleshooting (link to troubleshoot page)
Flashing Red – Turntable is being factory reset
Flashing Green – Turntable is connecting to network (boot up) or software is being updated

Note: all knob illumination can be disabled under additional settings in the Victrola Stream app

Using the RCA Output

The RCA output on the back Victrola Stream turntables can be used to play your turntable using a traditional wired setup. The RCA output is line level only using the internal pre-amp and should not be connected to an external pre-amp, the turntable should be connected directly to powered speakers or a line level input on a receiver or amp.

RCA Mode - Use the Victrola Stream app to change the RCA Output Mode

  • Simultaneous – RCA output will always send audio to external speakers, even if playing wireless to Sonos. Use the RCA delay setting to adjust the delay of the RCA output to match the audio signal delay to your Sonos speakers.
  • Switching – In switching mode, the RCA output will be paused whenever turntable is playing wireless to Sonos. For switching mode, it is recommended to disable autoplay and switch between wired speakers and default Sonos speaker or group using the Press and Hold (1 second) knob command above.

RCA Delay – Adjust the RCA delay when simultaneously playing to wired speakers and Sonos speakers in different zones to keep the audio closely synchronized across multiple zones.