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Genre - Rock

Genre - Rock

Drop the needle and flashback to the golden age of Rock and Roll with Victrola’s premium selection of classic rock vinyl records.

There’s nothing like the sound of an old favorite album on high-quality vinyl. Enjoy the classic sounds you love with the modern tone your ears deserve thanks to our extensive classic rock vinyl record offerings. Straight from the rock music glory days of shredding lead guitar, radical bass solos, and killer kick drums, Victrola’s premium selection of rock records is the easiest way to curb your nostalgic cravings.

Crank up the volume and kick off your shoes, your favorite rock records from Fleetwood Mac records to the Beatles records are hot off the press and ready for playing.

Genre - Rock

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"I never would have thought that having a turntable untethered from my stereo would be so liberating, but it’s a game-changer. To be able to spin vinyl from anywhere — where I’m working, where I’m entertaining — seems like not a big deal until you experience it."

"Sweet little portable turntable. Love the Bluetooth functionality combined with the old school vinyl experience. Suitcase design makes it easy to take anywhere and the sound quality is awesome!"

"I have the Empire and just love it. It is designed beautifully, and I can also use it for CD's and radio. I can't believe how great it is to listen to my old records. It feels like home again."

"I am a huge Vinyl collector, I have everything from movie sound tracks to classic rock legends. However, your average radio player doesn’t play them, so I haven’t even gotten to listen to any of them! That’s when I found this product -- and I ABSOLUTELY love it!"

"What sound! I am truly blown away. My wife purchased this for me as a Christmas gift as I have a growing box of Vinyl but no record player. I can tell you after one listen I was stunned, the V1 sounds amazing, I even replaced my entire home stereo with the V1, the built in speakers paired with the wireless sub is simple to use, sounds amazing for vinyl, movies and it even has Bluetooth, score!"

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