Take the Party Outside: Dos and Don'ts of Caring for Your Music Products Outdoors

Take the Party Outside: Dos and Don'ts of Caring for Your Music Products Outdoors

With July 4th weekend coming up, most of us are champing at the bit to get outside. Maybe you're planning on hanging by the pool and firing up the grill. Maybe you're the type to rise early and hit your favorite hiking trail, or head to the beach. Whatever your plans, all we know is that having the right music is a must. Of course, when taking your music out into the elements, we advise taking certain precautions to make sure your equipment stays in top shape and ready to play your tunes.

DO: Make sure your equipment is made for the outdoors

Seems obvious, no? When planning on listening to music outside, make sure it can handle the elements. Most outdoor audio products are rated to withstand conditions like sunlight, rain, and changes in temperature. Ideally, you'll want to look for speakers and record players with an IPX water and dustproof rating, and something that sounds good in open air. Fortunately, Victrola has a comprehensive shopping guide on what to look for in an outdoor speaker or record player that can be found HERE.


DON'T: Take your wood music center outside

Look, we don't think this point needs a ton of explanation, so let's go with an analogy instead. You wouldn't hook up your kitchen range outside, right? That's what your barbecue grill is for. Some products aren't made to be taken outside. Our wood music centers may look and sound great, but they're not built to endure the conditions that may or may not arise outdoors. Stick to your indoor listening space and enjoy!


DO: Assess your needs

Not all outdoor audio products are created equally. If you're in need of a speaker to take with you while you hit the trail, you're going to want something on the smaller side that you can attach to your belt or backpack, like the Music Edition 1. If you want to hang in the yard and listen to tunes while you grill, maybe something that will discreetly blend into your outdoor setup, like our Wireless Rock Speakers. And of course, if you're looking to spin vinyl, you can't go wrong with the Revolution GO, the ultimate rechargeable, portable record player.

DON'T: Leave your vinyl sitting outside

Hurts to even look at, doesn't it? We've all had the "I'll clean it up tomorrow" feeling after a party, but the results can be regrettable, to say the least. Our favorites records, whether they're new purchases or family heirlooms, are important to us. They deserve to be cared for and kept in top condition, so we can enjoy them for years. Records are made of plastic, which will melt and warp in excessive sunlight or heat, and storing them improperly can also lead to scratching. When listening to vinyl outside, make sure you're keeping your records safe, and put them back in their sleeves when finished. 

DO: Have fun and rock out

Victrola's line of outdoor speakers and portable record players are meant to be used for their intended purposes, to help you make lifelong music memories. For the first time, you can take your vinyl records outside the home and listen wherever with best-in-class sound. The Music Edition Speakers are perfect for any party, delivering tremendous sound in a compact package while ready to withstand a variety of weather conditions. Any way you want to listen, Victrola's got your back.


DON'T: Leave your speakers in the rain

Victrola's Music Edition Bluetooth Speakers and Wireless Rock Speakers both sport IP67 water and dustproof ratings. They are 100% dustproof, but are water resistant rather than waterproof. That means they will function after temporary submersion of up to 1m of water, so while they'll keep you covered in a light rain, you're probably not going to want to leave them outside during a storm. Remember to take your portable speakers inside when you're done, and place a cover over your rock speakers.