Staff Picks: July 2021

Staff Picks: July 2021

At Victrola, we are committed to bringing lifelong music memories into every home. Our employees are passionate about music, and believe music defines our moments, pressing them into our subconscious. The warm, imperfectly perfect needle on a record transports us to those places in our individual and collective history, with a nostalgia more powerful than simple recollection.

We've curated those music memories for you, featuring a few of our employees every month. Stop by and get to know us, and perhaps take our recommendations for a spin. We're certain you'll find some music memories to share with us.

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Marc Morgenbeser, Commercial Ops

Jay-Z: The Black Album

As far as pure Hip-Hop goes, I consider this the peak. Seeing Hov perform a few songs off this album live in concert in 2019 is among my favorite moments in my life despite losing my phone seconds before he took the stage.

Future: HNDRXX

This album introduced the fusion of Trap hip-hop and R&B in a way not done before. It birthed a new sound out of the Atlanta hip-hop scene that still populates my music library to this day.

Don Inmon, Product Developmen

U2: Achtung Baby

A Timeless re-invention of U2 and my introduction to the band during the ZOO TV tour. The album only get’s better with time and is the album that made me focus on lyrics & that made u2 my all time favorite band. Many know the hit’s (one is my favorite song) but my stand out track is Ultra Violet.

Van Halen: 1984

The first album I ever bought (on cassette for the record), I remember my uncle playing Van Halen: Fair Warning  and the sound that emitted from his firebird scared the hell out of me & got me fist pumping at the same time but when 1984 hit and I heard Panama, Jump, Hot for Teacher….I was hooked.

Carin Frenchman, Commercial Ops

Meat Loaf: Bat Out Of Hell

I remember as a child running around the house and dancing to the music.

Rent Soundtrack

I was living in NYC at the time and could relate to all of the different storylines. I like that that some of the songs make you get up and dance and some are mellow and sad. I also like that all of the characters have a perspective.1989 – Taylor Swift

Katie Cassida, Operations

Taylor Swift: 1989

One of the best concerts I’ve been to, I actually wasn’t a T-Swift fan before going and left a complete swifty!

Iration: Falling

After living in San Diego for nearly a decade, any time an Iration song comes on especially from this album it puts me right back to my first year living at the beach.