Top 20 Holiday Gifts for Record Lovers

Top 20 Holiday Gifts for Record Lovers

Music gifts are plentiful which makes it easy to find a variety to choose from but difficult to narrow them down to only a few. When shopping for gifts for record lovers in your life, remember that not every enthusiast is looking for the same thing.

Some appreciate building a curated music collection from a vinyl store. Others like exploring new technology that enhances their listening capabilities. Still, others want an in-person experience, whether that involves attending a performance or taking a music lesson. As you start thinking about what gifts to add to your list, keep these ideas in mind for those who love any and all things music.

Record Player

Any music lover will tell you that most albums sound better on vinyl. The rich, raw tone of listening to records is nostalgic for some and a novelty to others who may have grown up with Discmans or digital music as their sole music source.

The vintage appeal of a record player creates a musical experience that streaming audio simply can't duplicate. Plus, there's a record player to fit any decorative aesthetic; from retro to modern styles, to a portable turntable suitcase with a record player built-in, you’ll surely find the perfect option for the person receiving the gift. 

Vinyl Record Membership

Whether you're buying records for someone just starting to appreciate vinyl or a longtime collector who wants to add to their growing list, a vinyl record membership is one of the best gift ideas for music lovers. It’ll feel like a gift that keeps on giving. A membership includes an LP each month sent with special packaging and extras, such as collectible prints, stencils, or cocktail recipes to enhance the music listening experience. It's a way to help someone expand their musical horizons or add to the genre of music they already enjoy.

Every month, the recipient can choose from an essentials category, which spans across multiple music genres and eras, classics that include the best of blues, jazz, and soul artists, or rap and hip-hop that ranges from old-school albums to modern-day releases based on their chosen preference. 

Plus, when the holidays roll around, members have access to the best Christmas albums on vinyl as well as most of the top Christmas songs of all time

Record Crate

A record crate is one of those gifts for music lovers that's practical but necessary. A record crate holds several albums at once to neatly store a vast collection. It makes it easy for the music lover in your life to keep their vinyl collection organized, especially if you add dividers to separate by genre or artist name.

If the entirety won't fit into a single crate, there are also record stands that offer additional storage space and wall record holders that help to optimize a smaller space. Mix-and-match whatever designs are necessary to hold it all and keep everything from looking cluttered.


How cool would it be to gift a vintage jukebox to add to a music enthusiast's collection? Rather than feeding it quarters to play classic tunes, modern jukeboxes take the old-school look and combine it with Bluetooth technology that can play songs directly from a personalized playlist or go-to radio station.

Whether you want the countertop jukebox size found in retro diners or a full-size floor jukebox complete with a record player and turntable, it's one of the most unique gifts for music lovers which will be enjoyed season after season. 


A must-have for any holiday gift list, music enthusiast or not, is a reliable pair of headphones. There are a variety of styles to choose from, including over-the-ear models, wireless earbuds, and everything in between. Base your choice on where the person you're gifting them to will use them the most.

Do they need noise-canceling headphones to listen to music as they work during the day? Or, are they in the market for a pair of earbuds they can wear when working out? Most headphones now sync with Bluetooth technology so you can locate your playlist from cloud storage with ease.

Wireless Speakers

With smart technology, the demand for wireless speakers has gone up. In today's modern world, streamlined technology that's complimentary to home decor is preferred over the big sound systems that were popular a few decades ago. Wireless speakers serve as excellent gifts for music lovers. They allow people to take their music with them to the backyard, front porch, or when they're out and about on a boat, camping, or any other place where they want to send music from their smartphone directly to speakers.

A retro speaker that mimics the look of an old transistor radio is a music gift for those who like a vintage aesthetic, while a LED rock speaker seamlessly blends in with outdoor decor without drawing attention to clunky speakers that look out of place. Scout out where wireless speakers would help add to the space and fill the need with any one of the many designs available.

Framed Vintage Album Cover

Framing a vintage album cover for the music lover in your life is a way to commemorate their appreciation for music in an artful way. It can help them decorate a home office, rec room, or a special area in the house that's been dedicated to their music memorabilia. Whatever the case may be, choose one that'll be significant for them. 

Album gifts for record lovers include the first band they saw live, a popular musical artist, or an iconic album that depicts the era from which it's from. Bonus points if you can find one signed by the artist.

Shadow Box of Music Memorabilia

Most people remember their first concert or at least the best concert they've ever been to. It's likely they kept the ticket stub, bought a tour t-shirt, and other memorabilia that allows them to remember back to the experience. Gather all of these items and place them in a customized shadow box so their memories can sit front and center rather than being tucked away, never to be seen again. The time and effort of putting this together will be priceless for the person on the receiving end.

Concert Tickets

Speaking of live music experiences, concert tickets are great music gifts. If you're shopping for a sibling or spouse, it's also something you can enjoy together. Choose a concert of a beloved artist they haven't been able to see live before or splurge for meet and greet passes for an artist they've been a fan of for years. There's nothing like the memories of live music and concert tickets are always well-received gifts for music lovers.

Music Lessons

For the music lover who's learning how to play an instrument or has always wanted to learn how, music lessons are a perfect gift that speaks to their passion. It may be something they've always had on their bucket list but have never found a good enough reason to pursue it. Music lessons help them get started learning the guitar or getting the basics down on the piano. It will motivate them to explore their creative side as they take up a new hobby.

Musical Instrument

If the music lover in your life is already honing their craft, add a musical instrument to your holiday gift list. Whether it's a keyboard, vintage guitar, or new drum set, find the instrument that will delight them the most as they continue their love for creating music just as much as they like listening to it. For those who want to record their songs, buy a state-of-the-art microphone or recording software to capture their musical moments and preserve them forever.

Karaoke Machine

Something that's fun for anyone is a karaoke machine. This works especially well as a shared family gift. It delivers easy entertainment for any home gathering or party to liven up the atmosphere and get people singing along to nostalgic songs.

Set up a makeshift stage, prepare a buffet of snacks, and whip a few cocktails to put this unique gift into action right away with the help of your friends and family. Once people start showing off their singing skills, it'll be tough to keep the microphone out of anyone's hands. Everyone will enjoy a moment in the spotlight, music lover or not.

Musician's Memoir

Musicians lead fascinating lives and what better way to learn more about them than reading their memoirs? It provides a chance to get a behind-the-scenes look at the history and timeline of success of artists past and present. As a bonus, this type of present can be combined with an album by the artist or a ticket to a reading if the author goes on a tour to promote the book.

Mini Bluetooth Boombox

When it comes to trends, everything old eventually becomes new again. The boombox is a good example of that. It’s a prolific part of 80’s music culture which is perfect for the person who remembered the era the first time around. Or, it can be a fun throwback gift from someone who didn’t get to experience listening to music on cassette tapes because they grew up in the digital era.

The Mini Bluetooth Boombox is one of the best gifts for music lovers on-the-go, so they can take their tunes with them to the beach, the park, or on their next road trip. It features a cassette player, record, and AM/FM radio. By combining a mix of old and new, it creates a whole different type of experience to enjoy.

Cameo Artist Recording

Through the power of technology, one of the coolest experiences is to receive a personalized video message from a favorite musician. Cameo offers this service and provides a list of artists to choose from across all genres. Some even offer extra exclusive options like one-on-one chats. If you have a music lover in your life that wants a chance to speak or hear from their favorite artist live, the Cameo recording is a priceless gift.

Record Furniture

A sleek piece of furniture can bring a room together and keeps records all in one place and well-preserved. There are several different options to choose from when choosing a record stand, table, or shelves to take home decor to the next level. Some have space for vinyl to be prominently displayed by the record player, while others offer more storage to keep records tucked away in a cabinet. It’s a stylish and functional way to store, shelve, display, and play records.

Band Tee

Band tees of famous musicians are often worn for nostalgic or trendy fashion reasons. They also make great gifts for record lovers who want to show appreciation for the artists they admire most. Make it extra special by finding one from a popular concert or designed with a unique style. Sometimes it’s the simplest gifts that mean the most and a band tee never goes out of style.

Music-Themed Game

Everyone enjoys a bit of music trivia, so why not consider a music-themed game this holiday season? There are several music trivia game options to enjoy fun game nights at home. There are also games to “name that tune,” kick off a night of karaoke, and even ones that’ll test your lyrical knowledge. Find an option that fits the recipient and schedule time to enjoy playing it together.

Record Storage Case

A record lover with an extensive collection of records likely needs a few storage cases to preserve it or to simply clear up space in the house while keeping their albums protected. A record storage case will help keep records dust- and scratch-free and stored neatly all in one space. Look for sturdy storage case quality and choose one that can hold up to several records at one time. Though they may already have shelving and crates to hold their vinyl, a record storage case takes it a step further to help protect the most precious ones.

Limited Edition Record

People who collect records already keep a close eye on limited editions and special recordings. Because different pressings and certain albums differ from similar releases, a true record lover could essentially have the same album but with differences like extra tracks, cool cover art, or a live rendition of their favorite songs. It’s always a winning gift when you can find one they’ve been trying to track down. 

There are gift ideas for music lovers for every price range and personal preference. Giving something musical makes the gift feel more personal since it shows you have an idea of the type of music they like or an item they've had on their wish list for a while but haven't treated themselves to.

Music also is a great connector, which means a lot of these gifts can be enjoyed in the company of others as well as for solo listening. There's nothing better than grabbing a group of friends and listening to music together to create unforgettable experiences that you'll treasure forever.