Rubinos Xenia: Magic Trix


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Rubinos Xenia: Magic Trix
Artist: Xenia Rubinos
Title: Magic Trix

1. Product Details

Vinyl LP pressing. 2013 debut album from the Brooklyn native. On initial listen to Magic Trix one might feel as though one is being tazered bro. Little compares to the sharp thick spine of keyboard sound that shoots out from the very first moments. An oblique assemblage of uncommon rhythms forceful singing and dance-til-you-puke styles combine to make Magic Trix one of the most exciting debuts in years. Surprisingly the records aggressive sound is achieved without the use of guitars. Rubinos with the assistance of drummer/sound magician Marco Buccelli creates a dozen songs that bring to mind the adventurous spirit and whacked-out mentality found in the best moments of Rip Rig and Panic DNA and the Contortions.

1.1 Help
1.2 Ultima
1.3 Whirlwind
1.4 Hair Receding
1.5 Cafe Con Leche
1.6 Cherry Tree
1.7 Pan y Cafe
1.8 Los Mangopaunos
1.9 I Like Being Alone
1.10 When You Come
1.11 Lets Go Out
1.12 Aurora de Mayo

H 0.10
W 12.30
L 12.35

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