Dead C / Rangda: The Dead C Vs Rangda


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Dead C / Rangda: The Dead C Vs Rangda
Artist: The Dead C
Title: The Dead C Vs Rangda

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Vinyl LP pressing of this 2013 split release. Two of the greatest bands of the present day each composed of two guitarists and a drummer. Every members name carries its own legendary status. Richard Bishop. Ben Chasny. Chris Corsano. Michael Morley. Bruce Russell. Robbie Yeats. Fabricated empires have risen and been destroyed by the vast output of any one of these guys. Finally they come together on one release: A split LP between two super groups. The Dead Cs tracks are a gem of a find. The band uncovered recordings nestled in the back corner of their archives that they completely forgot existed. Rangda recorded their two compositions at Russian Recording in Bloomington Indiana. Everything that brings these musicians together uncoils and commands. Beats of silence underscore tangents that lead back to main themes and out again. Its as though the years and years of playing under their collective belts has culminated in these glorious moments.

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