Regurgitator: Superhappyfuntimefriends


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Regurgitator: Superhappyfuntimefriends
Artist: Regurgitator
Title: Superhappyfuntimefriends

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Out of the great wide blue the Regurgitator guys have now dropped an albums worth of dynamic new material. Shacked up in their Melbourne dwellings and put together in the midst of a enforced creative blizzard... it seems the concept of the album was not without value still as it afforded the more focused structure and disciplined approach they seem to require. Ahhh... The frenzy of an artistic tempest whipped up by the wild seas of a deadline - all comes now pieced together under the title SUPER HAPPY FUN TIME FRIENDS.

1.1 One Day
1.2 Game Over Dude
1.3 All Fake Everything
1.4 Super Happy Funtime
1.5 Punk Mum
1.6 Be Still My Noisy Mind
1.7 DMT 4 2
1.8 No Show
1.9 Uncontactable
1.10 Into the Night
1.11 Devil Spell
1.12 Born Dumb
1.13 Outer Space
1.14 8PM

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