Melt Banana: Fetch


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Melt Banana: Fetch
Artist: Melt Banana
Title: Fetch

1. Product Details

Vinyl LP pressing. 2013 release from the Japanese noise rockers. Fetch scrapes glam shimmers off punks outermost fringes and forges them into a rather intensely technical Deanscape packed with fantastical hybrids. Agatas guitar riffs seemingly composed in tandem with skipping CD players are more bad-ass than ever bright and fractured like the soundtrack for a CC-Hennix-scored biker flick. The album is juiced with electronics and post-rock production tempering what could easily be a tiresome and predictable frenzy yielding unexpected associations...

1.1 Candy Gun
1.2 The Hive
1.3 Vertigo Game
1.4 Lefty Dog Run Caper Run
1.5 Infection Defective
1.6 My Missing Link
1.7 Zero+
1.8 Schemes of the Tails
1.9 Lie Lied Lies
1.10 Red Data Red Stage
1.11 Then Red Eyed
1.12 Zero

H 0.17
W 12.14
L 12.20

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