Lightning Bug: October Song


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Lightning Bug: October Song
Artist: Lightning Bug
Title: October Song

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Vinyl LP pressing. 2020 release. Grounded in a tightly knit friendship and an intuitive musical bond Lightning Bugs music an enveloping mix of rapturous shoegaze longing balladry and ambient soundscapes sits at the center point of a creative exchange among songwriter Audrey Kang multi-instrumentalist Kevin Copeland and producer Logan Miley. Despite a knack for sonic eclecticism each Lightning Bug record holds a magnetic sense of cohesion. Lyrically the songs document Audrey navigating a relationship with her own humanity memories fraught with joy and pain and the constant cycle of tension and release necessary in developing self-trust. Lightning Bugs music is then the manifestation of dialogues: a musical dialogue amongst members of a sacred creative partnership and an internal one as Audrey plumbs the depths of her own foundation.

H 0.16
W 12.03
L 12.35

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