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Music That Moves With You

Portable Sound With Style


Who Says Record Players Were Only Meant for the Living Room?

Everyone knows about the essentials for leaving the house: phone, wallet, and keys… and your vinyl record player.

Our portable turntable is the perfect combination of functionality, retro style, and sound quality. The move-with-you suitcase vinyl portable record player has everything you need in a modern-day turntable record player but is built in a portable unit so you can take all your favorite music wherever you go.

Whether you’re off to the beach or heading to a family barbecue, you’ll never disappoint with a Victrola suitcase record player as your plus one. With built-in Bluetooth technology that wirelessly streams music from any compatible device, a 3-speed belt-driven turntable, a 3.5 mm aux-in jack, built-in stereo speakers, and endless colors to choose from, these record players are an on-the-go vinyl lover’s best bud.


Don’t Leave Your Tunes Behind

Love listening to the Beatles' vinyl records? Our UK flag suitcase turntable was made for you in mind. More of a Janis Joplin and Woodstock fan? Our tie-dye portable record player will bring you right back to the 1960s. Listen to the absolute classic sounds of your favorite bands in style when using a Victrola record player and turntable.

Never leave the house without it—even if you’re in a jam, you can still jam.

A Music Lover’s Love Letter


"This was a gift for my parents and they are thrilled. They listen to music all the time and are so excited to be able to play their vinyl albums again!"

"I am a huge Vinyl collector, I have eveything from movie sound tracks to classic rock legends. However your average radio player doesn’t play them! So I haven’t even gotten to listen to any of them! That’s when I found this product! And I ABSOLUTELY love it!"