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Genre - Pop

Genre - Pop

If you’re a fan of the hits, you’re going to love Victrola’s selection of high-quality pop records, ranging from the modern pop stars of the day like Justin Bieber to the king of pop himself - Michael Jackson.

Due to its longstanding tenure as one of the most versatile and encompassing genres in modern music history, pop is a genre you can really get lost in, especially as a collector. Don’t spend all day browsing though, eventually, you’ll want to pick a record so you can pop it on and sing along.

These aren’t just nostalgic tunes and modern bangers, these are songs you know every single word to. For a true-to-studio sound that fully unlocks the rich acoustic depth of your favorite pop record, nothing beats vinyl.

Explore Victrola’s incredible selection of pop music and discover why Victrola is the ideal place to purchase new pop vinyl records.

A Music Lover’s Love Letter


"This was a gift for my parents and they are thrilled. They listen to music all the time and are so excited to be able to play their vinyl albums again!"

"I am a huge Vinyl collector, I have everything from movie sound tracks to classic rock legends. However, your average radio player doesn’t play them, so I haven’t even gotten to listen to any of them! That’s when I found this product -- and I ABSOLUTELY love it!"

"I have the Empire and just love it. It is designed beautifully, and I can also use it for CD's and radio. I can't believe how great it is to listen to my old records. It feels like home again."

"The Victrola Jukebox has an amazing sound quality with 100 watts of power. The cabinet is flawless. I own two and love them both. I would recommend these to everyone. The lights, sound quality, performance, and customer service are outstanding."

"I gifted the Empire player to my mother-in-law, and she was speechless! She even became emotional because she is a true music lover and loved the nostalgic feel of this player. She mentioned she had other record players before but none compared to the sound and quality of Victrola. She was so excited that she listened to music until 2am!"

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